One Frazzled Mum – Trolley Bags Cyprus

Trolley Bags Express & Original

You know when you’re stood in the queue in Aldi and you try to beat the cashier every time? You will be faster than them, you will figure out a way to not have to unload your trolley twice and end up with squashed bread because you panicked and threw everything back in the trolley? This may be just me then? Then I heard of Trolley Bags. Convenient reusable shopping bags with Velcro strips attaching them together with integrated rails to hold them open by resting on the side of your trolley.

Answer to my Aldi checkout nightmares! I get why they do it but it seriously stresses me out every time, it reduces me to a bumbling idiot. This time was going to be different though as the lovely people behind Trolley Bags asked me if I wanted to give them a whirl! Oh, yes I thought after months of trying (and failing) to win me a set! Let’s do this!


Let me tell you a little bit about them. Trolley bags come in a set of four in two different sizes. Original and express, which I opted for, for the different trolley sizes. Retailing at €24.99 per four pack. They are all wrapped up by a velcro tab for when they are not in use and then easily open up to sit closed in your trolley whilst you do your shopping and then open up in your empty trolley to be able to easily pack your bags. What a genius idea. Perfect for just leaving in your car boot, or for me in with my 300,000 bags for life I now have under the stairs thanks to the carrier bag charge and my inability to remember to take the damn things with me when I go shopping! It goes without saying you don’t need to take all four every time you go shopping but they are great for a big shop, they’re even numbered to so you can keep them in order as each size fits a certain part of the trolley

Trolley Bags Cyprus

So, how did they fare against the mighty speed of an Aldi checkout? They were great! I wasn’t as per usual, went to pieces I did! I opened them up in my empty trolley, pure determination in my eyes and then……………proceeded to frantically flail about throwing everything in anywhere despite having had my mind set as to how I was going to organise my shopping! I reckon if I had gone to Asda or Tesco I would of managed my system perfectly. But in all seriousness though, I love the trolley bags. There is no faffing with your bags trying to keep them open as you pack them, they are wide enough to pack properly ie not to squash your bread as it falls in your shopping and most importantly I didn’t have to retrieve my shopping from all over the boot of the taxi when I got home either! Result! And they look good too! What more could you want from shopping bags, big thumbs up from me!

Trolley Bags Cyprus

As you can see I still haven’t mastered the art of perfect shopping bag packing, however I managed to not squash anything, woop, and I was racing against super quick scanner man!

Have you tried Trolley Bags? What are your thoughts on them and………………please leave me your Aldi checkout tips help a girl out ?

*Disclaimer: I was supplied with an express set of Trolley Bags for purpose of the review foc, all thoughts, opinions and over dramatic tendencies are my own*