The First Trolley Bags in Cyprus arrive this weekend

The First Trolley Bags in Cyprus arrive this weekend

We are pleased to announce that the famous ‘trolley bags’ will be available to purchase online after the weekend on the deciated Cyprus Trolley Bags secure website (…

Trolley Bags are a system of four bags, connected together by velcro along integrated rails which in one simple action, spreads out and rests on any supermarket trolley giving you a series of open and upright bags into which you can pack and sort your shopping the way you like it.  The colour-coded system allows you to pack your shopping how you like it, keeping food groups together and not worrying about mixing vegetables with cleaning products.

Trolley Bags are a whole new concept when it comes to reusable bags; they are quite simply more usable bags! Through our initial patented system we will introduce shoppers to both a beneficial and sustainable way to pack forever more.

Once you start shopping with Trolley Bags, you’ll wonder how you ever managed for so long without them before!

Trolley Bags


Latest Comments from Trolley Bags Shoppers

No longer a struggle at the checkout with all those plastic bags, just load them up and away in next to no time. Brilliant. Every one should have a set, will speed up the flow and cut the time spent queuing at the checkouts.


Absolutely amazing bags!! So easy to load up at the check out and seem strong. They were a Xmas present and have really impressed me. Tempted to buy them for family!


Bought mine a few weeks ago and I love them. So quick and easy to load at the checkout.


As a European shopper I can tell that these bags fit perfectly into our trolleys as well. The only thing is, some of our trolleys have a divider (not sure why, but some still do) but that’s easily overcome by simple flopping the smallest bag over it and let it hang in there.Allthough I do agree with previous, English, reviews that the biggest bags are a bit to deep to carry comfortable, I am amazed at how much groceries they actually hold! The fabric is very sturdy, so even when shopping heavy duty items, they don’t easily rip or tear.As for now, and because I think the dutch are to reserved, I get a lot of stares during shopping, nobody really dares to ask about them. I really do recommend everyone in my circle the bags, they’re great for scan and shop. And at home every bag just goes to it’s designated area where it can get unpacked and stored.


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