Keep Cyprus Clean by just doing the little things

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What can we do to Keep Cyprus Clean?

Another mind-boggling day on the daily walk with the dog this morning. I’m always staggered by the amount of trash I encounter on the roadside verges, in bushes, and even beside ‘bins’ of all places!

Yet another day of filling yet another bin-bag on our daily morning walk with the pooch. The amount of times I’ve now cleared rubbish from the same bit of road in Latchi is shameful. The verge is full of all sorts of things including; Plastic bottles and bags, cans of drink (Coke, Beer, Fizzy crap), cigarette and crisp packets. And this morning? A fire extinguisher. What is wrong with people that dumping their waste like this seems acceptable? Why can’t we Keep Cyprus Clean?

It took an exceptionally long time, but Polis & Latchi now have Green Dot recycling points. And, they’re definitely being used by many people. But there are still some that just can’t resist throwing their rubbish out of their car window. Why? Even if they’re not into recycling (but they should be of course) – why not just put the trash in the next available bin. Chances are they’ll be going past one on their way into work or into town, or even the beach.

Along the boardwalk this morning, there was trash 10 feet from a bin. Walking this route every day, I can promise you those bins are rarely full, Yet, somehow there is always garbage a few feet away from them.

Chances are that this unhappy scene is repeated throughout Cyprus

Traditionally Cyprus hasn’t been very good at recycling, lingering in the lower ranks or European league tables, but there are some positive signs. And, frankly, it only takes the tiniest bit of effort to keep Cyprus clean. Afterall, we love this country right? Tourists arriving on our beautiful island must be equally appalled by the amount of rubbish they encounter. It doesn’t make a good first impression, but it does have a lasting impact on them.

If you’re unsure what to do with your own waste take a look at “how should I recycle?” on the Green Dot Website.

The issue of waste is a genuine crisis. I’m not another whinging liberal – I hate to see us take our countryside for granted. Deliberately it seems, we have little or no respect for our immediate vicinity, let alone the environment. Here are some facts about worldwide waste and the truly devastating effect it has on all of us.

Keep Cyprus Clean | Trolley Bags and Packing Sorted Cyprus

I’m not trying to sell more trolley bags with this blog post

They, like recycling and multi-use packaging and ‘bags for life’ certainly help. But attitudes must change first. And, quickly!