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Shopping Made Easy – Review of Trolley Bags

SHOPPING MADE EASY: A REVIEW OF TROLLEY BAGS When I took my career break in the summer of 2013 we looked at ways to reduce our expenditure.  An obvious way was to start shopping in a discount supermarket.  While I love my choice of supermarket for the uninitiated the check out experience can be mildly hair-raising.  You need your wits about you as products seem to fly off the end of the check-out conveyor belt.  You need to be on your game if you want to pack your bags at that point and not end up with a massive pile of goods hanging precariously off the edge of the check out.  I’m usually not on my game so just fling them into the trolley and then have to pack them afterwards in the packing area which is a total pain. (more…)

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