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Welcome to Trolley Bags

It’s time to revolutionise the way we pack at supermarket checkouts by using the innovative Trolley Bags system.

Trolley Bags simply take the chore out of grocery packing at the checkout. A system of four reusable shopping bags that are used to pack your shopping at the supermarket checkout. In one simple action the system spreads out and rests on any supermarket trolley giving you a series of open and upright bags into which you can pack and sort your shopping with both hands. Gone are the days of using one hand to hold a bag open. The future is a simple system of bags that does the work for you.

The current options are paper, plastic and reusable bags, Trolley Bags are the next progressive step. They are a whole new concept when it comes to bags; they are quite simply more usable bags! Through our initial patented system we will introduce shoppers to both a beneficial and sustainable way to pack forever more.